Permanently eliminate uncontrolled & unregulated marijuana distribution

Utilize GSS to ensure that buyers, doctors, dispensaries and producers are abiding by state rules and regulations. Learn More

Control Marijuana
From Production to Purchase & Beyond
$180 Million
Yearly Tax Revenue from Marijuana Sales
RFID/QR Control
Auditing Marijuana Has Never Been More Efficient

Control Distribution

Green Sentry Solutions offers powerful identity card solutions to control purchasing ensuring that participants are within legal purchase limit consistent with State requirements. This function assures auditing is efficiently incorporated automatically. Learn More

Automatically Clear Tax Revenue Daily

With Green Sentry Solutions, no change to POS terminals is required. Furthermore every dollar spent will be taxed and settled daily in accordance with State rules. Tax revenue is automatically cleared every night and posted to the appropriate State site. Learn More

Cripple the Black Market

World-leading crop science solutions help to ensure producers are following state requirements. With its RFID and/or QR Code inventory marking and packaging solution it can assure that only licensed marijuana is available to purchasers. Learn More