Seamlessly Integrate SAFE Technology™.

Green Sentry Solutions delivers unprecedented control from a company with an unprecedented track record.

About Green Sentry Solutions Inc

Green Sentry Solutions Inc. combines the best of licensed platform offerings into one comprehensive package for federal and State governments to control and manage Marijuana production, distribution, purchasing and revenue management.

About Green Sentry Solutions (GSS)

Established in 2013, headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA with associate offices in Denver, CO and Seattle, WA. GSS has maintained an unprecedented proven track record of building & integrating high performance products using the best of bread licensed products and its own exchange. The GSS core platform is also the largest healthcare integration claims software platform in the USA.

At its core GSS operates and licenses proprietary technology and transaction processing solutions globally. This suite of technology solutions is applicable in a wide use of situations and solutions, and runs on the GSS Cloud network.

We use our expertise to deliver technology and transaction processing solutions to States, Governments, Banks, Program Managers, healthcare companies globally, and far beyond.

Common results our clients benefit from:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Operations
  • Reduced Overhead, Fees, and Costs
  • Increased Customers and Enhanced Participation
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Growth
  • Protect Entities with Fraud-Proof Technology

Our mission is simple: To be the leading high quality, innovative provider of next generation software solutions in legal nationwide marijuana transactions of all types across all exchange participants.

Our Clients

Clients for our licensed platform include some of the finest and most discriminating companies in the world. This technology has been successfully launched worldwide and has an extensive user base, from airline logistic systems to processing claims for the nation’s largest healthcare providers.

The Green Sentry Solutions Platform

The GSS licensed platform is in operation worldwide and processes over 20 billion transactions annually. No other card based identification and control system has this record with governmental entities. To that end, the platform has been implemented as a fully integrated computer control system for 42 States, without a single interruption or glitch, as well as a purchasing control system for prison systems.

Vertically integrated, GSS will own and operate their own production centers utilizing their software in the Green Sentry Solutions cloud environment. The Green Sentry Solutions platform is benchmarked to process over 1,000 transactions per second. Additionally, the platform is vertically installed in markets around the globe (including logistics, insurance and telecommunications, as well).

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Control Marijuana
Control Every Step of Marijuana Production to Purchase and Beyond with Green Sentry Solutions
Hundreds of Millions in Taxes
Control Yearly Tax Revenues from Marijuana Sales with Automatic Daily Clearing
Increase State Revenue
Stop The Loss of Opportunity Costs Incurred with Current Monthly Clearing. Substitute Green Sentry Solutions Daily Clearing and Collection of Tax Revenues.

Marijuana distribution represents an industry currently worth hundreds of millions of dollars that leaves no aspect of society untouched. It is projected to reach into the billions over the next 2-5 years. It's time for a turnkey solution that ensures State regulations are adhered to along every step of the production and distribution chain.

Dispensaries should be able to easily implement State requirements. Those requirements should be understandable and easily adhered to. Likewise, participants should be clearly regulated and limited to purchasing only State (and doctor) sanctioned amounts. With all purchases validated and tracked, Green Sentry Solutions allows for efficient auditing and sales reports – reducing overhead and increasing State revenue.