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Control Marijuana
Control Every Step of Marijuana Production to Purchase and Beyond with Green Sentry Solutions
Hundreds of Millions in Taxes
Control Yearly Tax Revenues from Marijuana Sales with Automatic Daily Clearing
Increase State Revenue
Stop The Loss of Opportunity Costs Incurred with Current Monthly Clearing. Substitute Green Sentry Solutions Daily Clearing and Collection of Tax Revenues.

Marijuana distribution represents an industry currently worth hundreds of millions of dollars that leaves no aspect of society untouched. It is projected to reach into the billions over the next 2-5 years. It's time for a turnkey solution that ensures State regulations are adhered to along every step of the production and distribution chain.

Dispensaries should be able to easily implement State requirements. Those requirements should be understandable and easily adhered to. Likewise, participants should be clearly regulated and limited to purchasing only State (and doctor) sanctioned amounts. With all purchases validated and tracked, Green Sentry Solutions allows for efficient auditing and sales reports – reducing overhead and increasing State revenue.