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Green Sentry Solutions empowers controlled distribution through the entire distribution chain: from production to purchase.

Controlled Distribution Solutions

Green Sentry Solutions platform is a hassle free, tamper-proof and fraud-proof controlled distribution solution that robustly controls and enforces State requirements from participant induction to marijuana purchase. Green Sentry leverages its GSS cloud network for all facets of controlled distribution while simultaneously maintaining scalable and hassle free implementation.

Controlled & Secure Participant Induction

Through the issuance of a cloud powered, closed loop Green Sentry card that coalesces participant induction, identification, prescription validation, quantity control, States can audit, track, and control all sales from all participants and dispensaries through the entire distribution chain.

Allowing participants to securely, and easily verify their identity and age to join the Green Sentry network for State sanctioned control is of paramount importance. The closed loop card is specifically designed to create a fraud-proof environment where participants must provide and verify their personal information per State requirements while simultaneously creating a bridge through the Green Sentry cloud network that allows the State to track and audit all facets of the inductee’s participation. This process will ensure that minors are locked out, and that at every stage of card use, the participant's identification and age are verified — from induction to purchase at the POS.

Card acquisition is completed at any sanctioned retailer or kiosk. Participants are presented with the opportunity to purchase and register their closed loop Green Sentry card after securely verifying their age and identity through the interconnected Green Sentry cloud network and State database, manage their profile, load funds onto the card for use at dispensaries, and view their transaction history. Inherent in the system's fraud and tamper proof controls, these cards cannot be duplicated. In accordance with State needs, all participant activity is tracked and validated on the Green Sentry Cloud, ensuring State regulations are enforced during every transaction.

Medicinal Marijuana and Prescription Validation

Through the Green Sentry Cloud and associated tools (smartphone and tablet applications, as well as the Green Sentry cloud website), doctors will have unprecedented flexibility to prescribe medicinal marijuana with the certainty that the prescription will go hand in hand with an enforceable quantity limit and time limit to a participant whom has been validated and verified through the State database. The prescription requirements will be verified at each dispensary’s secured POS, while traveling with the patient via the Green Sentry card.

Prescriptions are loaded by the prescribing physician, dispensaries are shown the available quantity that the participant / patient may purchase removing any loopholes where a patient may fulfill a prescription at one dispensary and then attempt to do so again at another dispensary.

In a legal recreational marijuana use environment, the same level of quantity and frequency of purchase controls are inherent in the system and securely attached to the cloud, card, and information acquired and used by all parties involved.

Review a Summary of the Technological Features & Benefits of the Closed Loop Card Solution

Distribution & Dispensary Control Solutions

Ultimately, State adoption of the Green Sentry solution suite allows dispensaries to rely and take comfort in the knowledge that every sale is legally acceptable, and that any illegal / unsanctioned sale is prevented at the POS.

The system is easy to introduce to dispensaries; all that is required is a card scanner or reader connected to a computer, smartphone and / or tablet with an active Internet connection to communicate with the Green Sentry Cloud network.

Products that are sold to participants are securely entered and tracked into the Green Sentry Cloud network automatically. This allows for a myriad of important reports to be generated at will by both dispensaries and the State, creating auditable and easy to integrate financial data. These reports and tools immediately reduce overhead for accounting requirements for the State and the dispensary. During this process, the Green Sentry Cloud network also tracks the required tax revenue for each sale, which ties directly to the automatic and nightly tax clearing aspect of the Green Sentry Solutions platform.

Learn more about generating a return on tax revenue as well as RFID/QR Code tracking of plants so that dispensaries can rest assured that they are buying and selling State regulated and State endorsed marijuana all the way up and down the distribution chain.

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Control Marijuana
Control Every Step of Marijuana Production to Purchase and Beyond with Green Sentry Solutions
Hundreds of Millions in Taxes
Control Yearly Tax Revenues from Marijuana Sales with Automatic Daily Clearing
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Stop The Loss of Opportunity Costs Incurred with Current Monthly Clearing. Substitute Green Sentry Solutions Daily Clearing and Collection of Tax Revenues.

Marijuana distribution represents an industry currently worth hundreds of millions of dollars that leaves no aspect of society untouched. It is projected to reach into the billions over the next 2-5 years. It's time for a turnkey solution that ensures State regulations are adhered to along every step of the production and distribution chain.

Dispensaries should be able to easily implement State requirements. Those requirements should be understandable and easily adhered to. Likewise, participants should be clearly regulated and limited to purchasing only State (and doctor) sanctioned amounts. With all purchases validated and tracked, Green Sentry Solutions allows for efficient auditing and sales reports – reducing overhead and increasing State revenue.