Seamlessly Integrate SAFE Technology™.

The GSS Platform is easily customized because of its modular architectural design and generic data exchange process.

Platform Modules

Producer/Grower Module

The Producer/Grower module includes specific requirements to input, manage, and certify all phases of the seed propagation, growing, and harvesting of licensed marijuana plants. The module supports RFID/QR/Barcode systems, which may be used by Producer/Grower. However, GSS will offer Producer/Growers a proprietary secure RFID/QR Labeling system with Unique Plant Identifiers through our exclusive 3rd party partner. A mobile product application will also be available for the Producer/Grower to utilize the collection of data required by state control systems.

Medical Marijuana Modules

Because Green Sentry's Platform is easily expandable and adaptable, we have available modules to serve the medical marijuana industry in legal states. The system tracks inventory, transactions, reporting, and tax data in the same manner as our retail marijuana system. The Company offers the following modules and product applications for the system Users in the medical marijuana component of our system: Doctors Module, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Module, and Patients Module.

Processor Module

After a marijuana plant is grown, it has a plethora of potential uses beyond its base plant form. This includes products such as oils, extracts, chewable candy, pastries and beyond. After a base plant is marked and tracked in the Green Sentry Cloud network, the materials used to create the secondary product will maintain controls, as well as allow for continued standardized labeling in the products new form. This includes the updated THC content, included production materials, and other State required information.

These secondary products are also auditable and trackable through the Green Sentry Cloud network. Additionally, all products will have a automatically generated tracking code (or UPC) which can be generated from multiple sources for the use of the producer and dispensary.

Dispensary Module: Control As the Product Moves to The Dispensary

Before a product can be shipped in any form to its distribution facility or dispensary it must be finalized as an audited, trackable product in the Green Sentry Cloud network. All producers will be required to follow this simple process – also allowing for easy labeling and providing proof of following State requirements for the product.

When a dispensary receives the product shipment, the dispensary logs its receipt in the Green Sentry Cloud network so that all parties are aware of the product source, its final form, where it is being sold, and eventually who purchased it – along with all of the financial and statistical data associated with the product and sale.

This marking and tagging control solution ensures that the production chain – from grower, to purchased product is audited, managed, and tracked through one secure network accessible by all involved parties.

A Brief Graphical Overview

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Control Marijuana
Control Every Step of Marijuana Production to Purchase and Beyond with Green Sentry Solutions
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Control Yearly Tax Revenues from Marijuana Sales with Automatic Daily Clearing
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Stop The Loss of Opportunity Costs Incurred with Current Monthly Clearing. Substitute Green Sentry Solutions Daily Clearing and Collection of Tax Revenues.

Marijuana distribution represents an industry currently worth hundreds of millions of dollars that leaves no aspect of society untouched. It is projected to reach into the billions over the next 2-5 years. It's time for a turnkey solution that ensures State regulations are adhered to along every step of the production and distribution chain.

Dispensaries should be able to easily implement State requirements. Those requirements should be understandable and easily adhered to. Likewise, participants should be clearly regulated and limited to purchasing only State (and doctor) sanctioned amounts. With all purchases validated and tracked, Green Sentry Solutions allows for efficient auditing and sales reports – reducing overhead and increasing State revenue.