Seamlessly Integrate SAFE Technology™.

With daily tax clearing, States will earn a 20-35 basis points increase per month through daily clearing vs. monthly tax revenue clearing.

Increase Revenue with Daily Tax Clearing

With hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue from marijuana, it is imperative that every dollar spent is handled through the reliable, extensive Green Sentry network; ensuring State tax revenue is managed accurately and cleared expeditiously. The Green Sentry daily capture system makes available significant interest revenues now lost in a system which, at best, allows revenues to the State only at the end of thirty day periods. Daily tax revenue clearing is bug-free, able to reduce overhead and generate dramatic return on investment now.

Marijuana Tax Revenue, Go Beyond the Tip of the Iceburg

Over $180 million in tax revenue is expected in states like Washington this year. With daily tax clearing, Green Sentry estimates that States will earn 20-35 basis points increase on each month’s revenue through daily clearing vs. monthly tax revenue clearing.

Because all transactions are managed through the unprecedented Green Sentry network, discover the ability to audit, track, and expeditiously generate a plethora of valuable reports on sales, revenue, and product information across the State.

More information about Green Sentry Solutions capabilities:

  • The Green Sentry Solutions Licensed platforms process over 20 billion transactions annually.
  • The Green Sentry Solutions Licensed Platform is benchmarked to process over 1,000 transactions per second.
  • Proven bug-free, tamper-proof, and fraud-proof.
  • No other card based identification and control system maintains our record with governmental entities – GSS Licensed Platform implemented a fully integrated computer control system for 42 States, without a single interruption or glitch, as well as a purchasing control system for prisons.
  • Vertically Integrated – GSS owns and operates their own production centers utilizing proprietary software in a robust cloud environment.
  • The GSS Licensed Platform is the backbone of the largest healthcare integration claims software vendor in the USA.
  • Vertically installed in markets around the globe (Logistics, insurance and telecommunications).
  • The Green Sentry Solutions Licensed Platform, due to its nature, is straightforward in implementation and offers virtually unlimited scalability.

Revenue Reporting, Control and Auditing

Information in the Green Sentry Cloud network and Green Sentry Solutions Platform is made available at all times and is easily accessible through myriad interactive touch points (mobile, tablet, web, SMS, and beyond). Green Sentry Solutions ensures that State (and dispensaries as well as participants) are able to easily generating reports, conduct thorough audits, and ensuring control of both financial revenue, and product information. Allowing valuable information to be easily disseminated with verifiable accuracy.

Green Sentry's Executives are at the forefront of payment processing and financial revenue management across the globe:

Green Sentry Solutions Experience

Green Sentry Solutions and its family of companies have been operating with a successful track record for over 10 years while the licensed platform has perfromed for over 25 years. Its core platform processes more claims in the United States and for the United States government than any other platform. The platform provides services to not only governments but Fortune 500 companies as well.

Green Sentry Solutions Licensed Platform is an SAS 70 and Level 1 PCI and DDS compliant company with its own robust data center.

With a proven vertical integration strategy, Green Sentry Solutions has enabled the solution suite to manage costs more efficiently allowing them to employ a cost leadership position. M2’s prices for services are among the lowest in the industry, while retaining the highest level of quality of service, solutions, and technical expertise across the globe.

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Control Marijuana
Control Every Step of Marijuana Production to Purchase and Beyond with Green Sentry Solutions
Hundreds of Millions in Taxes
Control Yearly Tax Revenues from Marijuana Sales with Automatic Daily Clearing
Increase State Revenue
Stop The Loss of Opportunity Costs Incurred with Current Monthly Clearing. Substitute Green Sentry Solutions Daily Clearing and Collection of Tax Revenues.

Marijuana distribution represents an industry currently worth hundreds of millions of dollars that leaves no aspect of society untouched. It is projected to reach into the billions over the next 2-5 years. It's time for a turnkey solution that ensures State regulations are adhered to along every step of the production and distribution chain.

Dispensaries should be able to easily implement State requirements. Those requirements should be understandable and easily adhered to. Likewise, participants should be clearly regulated and limited to purchasing only State (and doctor) sanctioned amounts. With all purchases validated and tracked, Green Sentry Solutions allows for efficient auditing and sales reports – reducing overhead and increasing State revenue.